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To be honest who can really tell you about me better than myself. I rather tell my story in my own words.  I am Ronald "Aeon Salone" Lewis a Brooklyn born first generation african american descendant of Sir Samuel Lewis the first mayor of Freetown Sierra Leone. Ive been writing, producing, engineering and performing since I could remember but to put an official date on it maybe 2003 professionally or what I thought was professional.


It was said that an artist will spark a change or shift in Hip-Hop, which will lead to the evolution and transformation of the art itself". This artist is Ronald "Aeon" Lewis. Aeon is A Brooklyn born native who's passion for music inspired him to develop skills in Songwriting, Producing, Performing, and Audio Engineering at an early age. With these acquired skills he then further developed his artistic expression with his distinct style, voice, witty flow, deliverance and conviction. 


Crims prides himself on self motivation. He is moving the masses with his message. Leaving the life of sin behind he prides himself on spreading his faith beyond the church. Crims always says one shall seek what ever one desire's to find. 


New Jersey Native GUFF is known for his witty flow, punchlines and aggressive delivery. He is currently working on his first solo album TBA. Guff is one half of the group BlackJack. 


RoseMan from St. Louis has made his imprint on the world with his powerful lyrics and delivery. Reality is never blurred in his eyes as he tells the story of his life while creating a legacy. 

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