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Big Tyme J

Introducing Big Tyme J, a Brooklyn-born artist whose musical journey is deeply rooted in the eclectic sounds that shaped his upbringing. Born into a family where contrasting worlds collided, he is the son of a Brooklyn gangsta who immersed his children in the soulful melodies of Quincy Jones, Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, and Barry White, along with the groovy beats of classic funk bands.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Big Tyme J's mother, a highly educated woman on the other side of the tracks, contributed to his musical palette by filling their home with the soothing tunes of Sade and Anita Baker during Saturday morning clean-ups. This dual influence of streetwise funk and sophisticated soul laid the foundation for Big Tyme J's unique musical identity.

As he navigated the streets of Brooklyn, Big Tyme J found inspiration in local legends such as Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap. His love for melody and the ability to connect with people through music began to blossom. This journey took a pivotal turn when he joined forces with his best friend and brother, Aeon Salone, who played a crucial role in pushing and elevating Big Tyme J's musical prowess.

The revelation of Rick James introduced Big Tyme J to the essence of swagger and style in music. Blessed with the uncanny ability to grasp the essence of a track within 30 seconds, Big Tyme J crafts quality songs that are not only catchy but resonate deeply with listeners. His exposure to soul music and deep funk has turned him into an artist capable of creating likable, danceable tunes that stand the test of time.


From a young age, Big Tyme J possessed a raspy, deep voice that became his signature. Even as a child, others were captivated by his vocal prowess, with young kids approaching him just to hear a phrase spoken in disbelief of such a mature voice at such a tender age. Big Tyme J, with his soulful roots and a voice that echoes experience, continues to make music that connects, moves, and grooves.

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