Record in our custom vocal booth treated by GIK acoustics equipped with voice activated mood lighting. Designed for excellence track with near-zero latency through Unison technology enabling custom headphone mixes with adjustable delay, reverb, and compression all while tracking in real-time

  • Prices start at $40/ Per hour

  • Block rates are available


Our team of mixing engineers will add the missing glue to your recordings. We take the time to make those meticulous edits reaching perfection. Your final mix will be provided in different versions eg. (Instrumental, Tv-track, Acapella) and you only pay when you are completely satisfied with how your record sounds.

  • Prices start at $150/ Per song

  • Song packages available


Get your final mixes radio or club ready with mastering from MixedbyD. We provide quality mastering to unify your recording and put those final tweaks on your mix. This includes phase alignment, eq'ing, as well as compression maximizing loudness and dynamic range allowing you to reach the same levels of major artists and major releases

  • Prices start at $50/ Per song

  • Song packages available


Once your song is recorded, mixed, and mastered. The first thing you need is to get credit for your intellectual property (song). If needed we are able to file your copyrights, obtain your ISRC codes, UPC codes, register with SoundExchange, as well as Soundscan, BDSradio, and Mediabase. We also offer services to get your song to digital distributers such as ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Vevo and more. In addition We make it easy to track daily social and streaming data for any artist, all in one place powered by NextBigSound.

  • Prices start at $150/ Per song

  • Song packages available

Core System

  • Mac Pro

  • Avid C24 Console

  • Pro Tools 2018


  • Akg C414

  • Mojave MA-200

  • Sony C800G

  • Slate VMS ML-1

Outboard Gear

  • Vintech x73 eq & Preamp

  • Universal Audio 710 Twinfinity

  • Warm Audio Wa2a Compressor/Limiter


  • KRK VXT 8" Studio Monitors

  • Yamaha Hs50 Studio Monitors


  • ProTools 2018

  • Izotope Music Toolkit

  • Melodyne Essential

  • Waves Horizion Bundle


  • UAD Unison Plugins

  • Soundtoys Plugins

  • Revoice Pro 4

  • Sonarworks Reference 4

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