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Introducing the dynamic hip-hop duo "BlacxJak," a powerhouse collaboration between Guff Doe and Aeon Salone.

Guff Doe Aka The King:


Born in DC and proudly representing Jersey, Guff Doe is a passionate musician whose music delves deep into his life experiences. His magnetic talent for storytelling paints a vivid picture of growing up in the vibrant streets of Jersey, capturing the raw essence of his journey. From a young age, Guff's connection to music was undeniable, providing solace and expression in the face of life's challenges. His heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies invite listeners into his world, offering a glimpse into the trials and triumphs that shaped his identity.

Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of Jersey, Guff's music serves as a powerful testament to resilience and the pursuit of dreams. His fusion of hip-hop, soul, and R&B creates a distinct sound that weaves together narratives, captivating listeners on an introspective and relatable musical journey. As Guff continues to pour his heart and soul into his music, he remains dedicated to sharing his authentic story and inspiring others to embrace their own narratives.

Aeon Salone Aka The Ace:

Ronald 'Aeon Salone' Lewis, a remarkable first-generation African American artist from Brooklyn, New York, brings a rich cultural heritage to the mix. As a direct descendant of Sir Samuel Lewis, the esteemed first mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Aeon embodies a legacy that fuels his prolific and inspired creations. Graduating from Full Sail University in 2007, he honed his skills in writing, producing, designing, and performing, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Under the moniker Aeon The Ace, he gained recognition with projects like 'Mind of a Rebel,' 'Cloud Music,' and 'Men of Honor.' In 2013, Aeon founded Six10 Media Worldwide, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. His transition to Aeon Salone marked a personal and artistic evolution, evident in projects like 'Diction,' 'Contra,' 'ContraDiction Commentary Edition,' and 'Mind Over Matter.'

Aeon Salone's dynamic flow breathes life into every track, offering a fresh and layered delivery that captivates with intricate hooks and attention to detail. His music transcends boundaries, presenting an unmissable collection of impeccably produced hip-hop numbers. Aeon Salone appeals not only to dedicated fans of the genre but to anyone seeking a remarkable and enriching musical experience.


Together, Guff Doe and Aeon Salone, as "BlacxJak," bring a fusion of talent, style, and innovation to the hip-hop scene. Their collaboration promises an unforgettable musical journey, blending the raw authenticity of Guff's Jersey roots with Aeon Salone's rich cultural influences. Get ready for a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and defines the future of hip-hop.

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