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Jeff Hooks

SIX10 Media Presents Jeff 808Hooks


Prepare to embark on an extraordinary auditory journey with Jeff 808Hooks, an aspiring producer, engineer, and artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Jamaica, Queens, NYC. From an early age, this remarkable talent demonstrated an innate aptitude for music, immersing himself in the world of instruments and melodies.


Born to Haitian parents, Jeff 808Hooks was raised in a household steeped in rich musical heritage. His father, a renowned Haitian bass player, left an indelible imprint on his son's artistic path. In fact, the world had the privilege of witnessing Jeff's exceptional bass playing skills when he was awarded a medal for his captivating performance at the Olympics in the 90s with the legendary Haitian group "Magnum Band." This early recognition of his talent set the stage for a lifelong dedication to music.


Jeff 808Hooks is a true musical polymath, displaying an unparalleled versatility and an expansive sonic palette. From the infectious beats of trap music to the raw energy of rock and roll, and even the gritty intensity of drill music, this exceptional producer seamlessly navigates diverse genres with unparalleled skill and finesse. Regardless of the musical terrain, Jeff guarantees an exceptional sonic experience.


Collaborating with notable artists such as Babyface James from the UK, a renowned creator in his own right, Jeff has honed his craft through collaboration and cross-pollination of styles. The breadth of his musical journey is evident as he fearlessly ventures into uncharted territories, pushing boundaries and redefining the very essence of sonic expression.


Yet, behind the unassuming demeanor lies an artist whose music roars with the force of a twelve-gauge shotgun. Whether he's taking command of the stage at Asbury Park, captivating thousands with his extraordinary drumming prowess, or gracing other illustrious events and shows, Jeff Hooks commanding presence and sonic mastery leave an indelible impact.


As you delve into the remarkable world of Jeff 808Hooks, be prepared to surrender to the irresistible power of his compositions. Immerse yourself in a universe where genres blend effortlessly, where music becomes a vessel for emotions untamed. Six10 Media proudly presents an artist whose creations transcend conventional limits, as Jeff 808Hooks continues to redefine the very fabric of sound.


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Jeff Hooks
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